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EAA Wing Stand – Construction

It was time to get an EAA wing stand built. The container with my quick-build kit is on a ship, heading my way. It’s going to be sailing in to Tacoma, WA on or about February 5. A few days after that, I’ll have a shop full of Sling 2 airplane sections – wings, fuel tanks and fuselage. I’ve got to have a place to store both wing panels.

My good friend Charlie used a rainy day to help me. He’s been working hard, building his new home. I enjoy that he lets me help him sometimes. It was nice to have his craftsman expertise and company for my project.

The new portable propane heater can be seen in a couple of the photos.

Spray Booth – Economy DIY

It’s autumn now, and already too cool to prime parts outside. I need a place in my shop to do it. I tried a cardboard box on a workbench, but quickly decided that a ventilated booth is required.

With about $8 worth of 1×2 wood strips and $20 of plastic sheeting, a $12 dryer duct, and an existing space heater (w/fan) — I was able to quickly build a 4′ x 5′ x 9.5′ tall spray booth.

I only need to work with relatively small parts. The longest pieces in the empennage are only a few feet long and can be suspended with a vertical orientation. Ventilation is minimal. Hopefully it will be enough.

Workshop – A Brief Recess

The side and roof panels and the doors are in place. Plastic sheet will hopefully keep any weather out until I can get back to working on it. My brother and his wife are coming to visit for a week. Then there are some other chores that need doing around the house.

Workshop – Wall Panels, Insulation and Roof

Getting the wall panels in place required development of processes so that it could be accomplished with just two people – my wife and myself. Levers and my wife’s head – literally – positioned and held each panel while I drove the screws to fasten them to the structure. We were both up and down ladders all day long, for a couple of weeks.

Workshop Structure

Getting the roof purlins in place was a huge milestone. That required several days of working from atop a 10′ step ladder – absolutely not a comfort zone for me.

With the opening frame outs in place, wall and roof panels are next.

Good Things in Small Packages

Admittedly, the package is heavy — really heavy. But hey, it’s supposed to be a building. The construction manual and how-to videos say two people can set it up over a long weekend. We’ll see.

workshop kit
Workshop Kit