My name is Richard Howell – a retired software engineer living on the Olympic Peninsula in Pacific Northwest – Sequim, Washington USA. I’m a private pilot (ASEL Apr 2001) and earned my certificate at and in the busy Class C environment of John Wayne Airport (KSNA) in Southern California. Since August of 2002 I have owned flown and my Piper Warrior II (PA-28-161). As of early November 2018, home base is William R. Fairchild International Airport (KCLM) in Port Angeles.

This blog is about sharing of ongoing experiences related to my amateur building of an experimental Sling 2 (E/A-B) aircraft. This is something I’ve dreamed about for decades. As a member of EAA and local Chapter 430 Olympic Peninsula, I’m already enjoying and learning from the active community of enthusiasts and more experienced builders.

For me, the Sling 2 was love at first sight. One day, Marc Lee’s Sling 2 began parking a few places away from my Warrior. I was impressed that Sling 2 is all aluminum and the size seemed just right. Coincidentally, I stumbled across a few magazine articles, reading about how Sling 2 flies. I just happened to see a documentary – with the effervescent James Pittman – about building a Sling in a week. I was a snowball rolling downhill.

It took a couple of years, but I found the opportunity to retire a bit early and was able to embrace my dear wife’s fervent desire to pick up sticks and move to Sequim. She has infectious enthusiasm and encouragement for my new occupation. When I get distracted, she often reminds me – you’re supposed to be building an airplane.