Monthly Archives: September 2019

Sheet Metal Training – Closing my Knowledge and Skills Gap

Before I start pulling rivets for real, I’m taking some time to train and practice related skills. There are many useful videos on the Internet. I also found a nice, inexpensive training kit from a homebuilt airplane company in Oregon. I’m signed up for an EAA SportAir sheetmetal workshop – October 26 – 27, at The Museum of Flight Restoration Facility, Paine Field in Washington.

The emphasis of the training resources are centered more on solid rivets and the expectation of somewhat less complete fabrication than what the Sling kits exhibit, but it still seems useful to be introduced to working directly with the metal.

Practice Parts

Before I tackle the training kit – using its materials, I’ve been experimenting with scrap pieces of aluminum sheet and angle, I found at my local Home Depot. It’s a good thing too. I surprised myself as I realized laying out and drilling holes for some short lines of rivets, posed more challenges than I expected. I made real scrap out of my scrap material. I’m learning.

Empennage Kit – Inventory and Inspection

I checked that correct quantity of every part number listed on the kit packing packing list was present and undamaged. I went so far as to measure the thickness of all RIB parts and compared to the value listed on the packing list. Overall the sub-kit is excellent, however, I noticed a couple of small but unexpected deviations and contacted TAF to discuss them.

Empennage Kit Inventory